tackling anti-social behaviour in Spitalfields

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Report an ASB Incident

If you witness a current incident in which your safety, or that of any other person, is threatened, you should call the police using 999. If it is a less serious incident that still requires a police presence, use the non-emergency police number 101. Calling 101 ensures that the incident is logged and contributes to the crime profile of the area.

SPIRE encourages local residents to report incidents of anti-social behaviour to the relevant authorities. Unless LBTH and the Metropolitan Police receive an accurate picture of the extent of ASB in Spitalfields, they will not devote sufficient resources to tackling the problem. Incidents that are on-going and that require intervention should be reported using by telephone; less urgent cases by email. Contact details for the council and police can be found on our links page.

SPIRE would also like to hear about any anti-social behaviour that you experience. We are building a database of such incidents for use in our campaigns. You can contact us by email (SPIRE@SpitalfieldsASB.org.uk) or using the form below. Please include as many details of the incident as you can. All information will be treated in complete confidence and your personal details will not be used in any correspondence between SPIRE and the authorities without your prior approval.

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Please indicate whether you are happy for details of this incident to be used by SPIRE in correspondence with LBTH and the police. We will not use your name without your prior approval.

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