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News About SPIRE

4th April 2016 LBTH is undertaking a consultation regarding the possible introduction of Late Night Levies - a charge against any premises selling alcohol after midnight that will help pay for addition policing and cleaning. SPIRE is strongly in favour of Late Night Levies. You can show your support here.

1st March 2016 SPIRE members are due to meet Mayor John Biggs in April to discuss the implementation of the CIZ and other matters.

12th December 2015 A FoI request has revealed that of 43 licence applications within the CIZ since its inception, 42 have been granted by the LBTH Licensing Sub-Committee.

1st August 2014 SPIRE Chair Jon Shapiro raised a petition at the most recent LBTH Full Council Meeting. The petition asked for an explanation for the failure of the licensing sub-committee to invoke the council's own Saturation Policy when determining several decent licence applications.

6th January 2014 LBTH has recently been reviewing the licences of several off-licences on Brick Lane. This has resulted in the revoking of one licence and the temporary suspension of another. SPIRE welcomes this move by LBTH to investigate the activities of certain 'problem' premises in Spitalfields.

16th October 2013 An open letter by Jon Shapiro and Selina Mifsud, respectively Chair and Vice-chair of SPIRE, to Mayor Lutfur Rahman, Commander Dave Stringer of the Metropolitan Police, and other LBTH officials.

27th September 2013 SPIRE has been informed of the following TENS notices involving premises in Old Truman Brewery: 5th October, Vibe Bar, midnight-0300; 6th October, Vibe Bar, 1200 - midnight; 6th October, Cafe 1001, midnight-0200.

5th August 2013 SPIRE requests postponement of the trial pedestrianisation of Brick Lane until there has been a full public consultation. Fearing an increase in ASB in Spitalfields as the result of the plans, SPIRE commented: (We are) shocked there has been NO public consultation on these plans. It is logical to assume residents will not welcome any increase in the problems we already face which will undoubtedly be caused by pedestrianisation.

10th May 2013 Anti-social behaviour rates in Tower Hamlets are the second highest in London, according to the East London Advertiser. Full article here.

9th May 2013 SPIRE comments on the licensing policy review being undertaken by LBTH. In a letter to David Tolley, Jon Shapiro and Selina Mifsud supported the introduction of Late Night Levies and Early Morning Restriction Orders, suggested extending the noficiation zone for licence applications, requested an easily searchable online database of licence and planning applications and proposed adjusting the core hours for licensing to be more inline with those in Westminster. Full text here.

6th May Today a dispersal zone comes into effect, giving police officers greater powers to move on groups of people causing anti-social behaviour in the Brick Lane. SPIRE welcomes this move, especially in the run-up to the summer months when street drinking causes local residents many problems.

2nd May LBTH have recently rejected applications by a fried chicken outlet and a Brick Lane curry house to extend their opening hours deep into the night and, in the latter case, to add an alcohol licence. SPIRE was opposed to these applications on the grounds of residential amenity and welcomes the decision.

24th March 2013 Tower Hamlets Council is considering whether to adopt new legal powers relating to how it regulates sexual entertainment venues (e.g. lap-dancing and pole dancing clubs) following changes to legislation. You can have your say here.

16th March 2013 Following discussions with SPIRE, Truman's Brewery has agreed to hold regular meeting with local residents to discuss any problems they may have with activities on the brewery site. SPIRE will be fully involved in these meetings. If you are interested in attending or have issues to raise, please contact us using the email address below.

15th March 2013 LBTH has announced that they will be reviewing their licensing policy over the next few months. There will be a public consultation and meetings where local residents can express their views. More details to follow when available.

13th March 2013 SPIRE recently learned that a Dispersal Zone is to be introduced in the Brick Lane area. This will give police greater powers to combat late-night street drinking. SPIRE welcomes this move.

13th February 2013 LBTH tonight held a meeting to give residents the chance to express their views on the proposed Saturation Policy. There was a healthy turn-out from all sections of the community. Residents were pretty much unanimous in their support for the policy and Borough Commander Dave Stringer reiterated the support of the Metropolitan Police. You can read a press report about the meeting here.

7th February 2013 At a meeting of the LBTH licensing sub-committee a new licence application for unit FG of the Truman's Brewery was considered. There was also a review, triggered by the Police, of the licence of "The Big Chill", Dray's Walk. SPIRE was opposed to the former and supported the Police in seeking additional conditions on the latter.

30th January 2013 SPIRE has organised a petition to express public support for a Saturation Policy. The petition will be presented to LBTH before the end of the consultation period. If you would like to sign the petition please contact us using the email address below.

15th January 2013 SPIRE supports implementation of a Brick Lane Saturation Policy. SPIRE Chair Jon Shapiro and Vice-Chair Selina Mifsud express their support for LBTH's proposal in a letter to the council. Full text here.

6th January 2013 LBTH begins a consultation process with local residents and the general public about the implementation of a Saturation Policy. SPIRE firmly supports such a policy and encourages all those affected by ASB in Spitalfields to use the online system to express their support for a Saturation Policy and to request its speedy implementation. This can be found here. There is also a consultation event on Wednesday 13th February, 6.30pm at Toynbee Hall. The more people who attend this event and actively support the proposal, the more likely it is to receive final approval by LBTH.

1st December 2012 SPIRE is announced to the world. Jon Shapiro, Chair of SPIRE, announced its creation in an email to various LBTH and Police officials. The email, sent among others to Mayor Lutfur Rahman, Police Commander Dave Stringer, the three Spitalfields and Banglatown ward councillors and local community leaders, proposed cooperation in presenting 'a common Spitalfields face on ASB and alcohol licensing to LBTH and all other relevant authorities'. You can read the full text here.

21st November 2012 First committee meeting of SPIRE. Representatives of the St George's Residents' Association, Spitalfields Society and Spitalfields Community Group met to discuss an initial campaign plan. Jon Shapiro was elected as Chair of the committee and Selina Mifsud as Vice-Chair. The committee will convene regularly to ensure progress is made quickly.

8th November 2012 Local residents raise questions about anti-social behaviour at a Police and Community Safety Board public meeting. Mark Lancaster explained 'There is urination, defecation and vomiting in people’s doorways and on their doorsteps – sometimes even as they are leaving to go to work'. Jon Shapiro backed this up, pointing out that the area was under-policed. Borough Commander Dave Stringer was present to hear the complaints, describing the area as 'the top hotspot of alcohol-related crime in the borough by a mile'. You can read an account of the meeting as reported in the local press here.

6th November 2012 Spitalfields Community Group disputes LBTH alcohol abuse claims. Responding to recent press reports that complaints of on-street drinking in Tower Hamlets had dropped by 75 per cent in the last year, Jon Shapiro stated that the Mayor and his cabinet are doing absolutely nothing to tackle alcohol-related ASB. He said, 'It may be that complaints have indeed dropped by 75 per cent, but if so I suspect it’s because most residents feel complaining to Tower Hamlets council is a waste of time. The cabinet has done absolutely nothing about the saturation policy for six months.'. You can read a report on the matter in the East London Advertiser here.

15th October 2012 SPIRE is formed. A meeting of representatives of several local groups (the Exchange Building Residents, the St George's Residents' Association, Spitalfields Society ,Spitalfields Community Group and Woodseer Street Residents) results in an agreement to set up a joint committee to tackle alcohol-related anti-social behaviour in Spitalfields, especially that emanating from bars and clubs along Brick Lane.

15th September 2012 There is a massive outcry from local residents disturbed by drunken behaviour on Princelet Street, Wilkes Street and Hanbury Street. This followed a series of late-night events along Brick Lane that formed part of the Brick Lane Music Festival. Coming on the back of a summer of disturbances from bar patrons drinking in the streets around Brick Lane, residents approach several community groups asking them to look into the problem.