tackling anti-social behaviour in Spitalfields

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SPIRE's Campaigns

SPIRE has identified three key targets on which its efforts will be concentrated. We believe these are critical to the fight against ASB in Spitalfields. In order of priority these are:

- implementation of a Saturation Policy by LBTH - NOW IMPLEMENTED
- improved communication between LBTH, police, and local residents
- stronger enforcement of licence offences by LBTH

A Saturation Policy for Spitalfields has long been on the agenda for LBTH. However its implementation has been delayed for various administrative and political reasons. SPIRE is convinced that a Saturation Policy is an essential part of the fight against ASB. Any application for a new premises licence or for a variation to an existing licence that is likely to add to the existing cumulative impact in the area would normally be refused or become more difficult to obtain. As such it would prevent the current sitation from deteriorating further. SPIRE welcomes the recent announcement of a public consultation regarding the implementation of a Saturation Policy and will be taking a full and active role in this process. Update (December 2013) - this policy has now been implemented by LBTH.

SPIRE believes that the scale of the ASB problem in Spitalfields is often overlooked by LBTH and the Metropolitan Police. Part of this is due to poor communication between local residents and the authorities. Frustration caused by a perceived lack of response has resulted in significant apathy and means that many ASB incidents pass unreported. Through its links with local groups SPIRE aims to reinvigorate the local residents' response. Through this website SPIRE is building a database of incidents that it will use in its dealings with LBTH and the police. In addition SPIRE now has significant representation on the Spitalfields and Banglatown Ward Panel, the body through which the Police Safer Neighbourhoods team liaises with the residents.

The London Borough of Westminster has 30 officers directly working on the enforcement of licences and the prosecution of breaches. In contrast, Tower Hamlets has no dedicated enforcement team. SPIRE aims to pressure LBTH into putting greater resources into this area. Where there is irresponsible behaviour by licensees, SPIRE will monitor breaches, bring them to the attention of LBTH, and push for prosecution.

For more information, or to get involved in any of SPIRE's campaigns, please contact us using the email address below.